About Us Coaster Capital is an investment management boutique that specialises in long short investing. Our mission is to generate outstanding long-term returns for our investors through the management of a range of new, agile, and performant funds

The Coaster Story

Coaster is an investment management boutique founded in 2019. The firm was established with a goal to design,
develop, and manage a selection of exclusive, high-performing funds, with limited capacity. Importantly, the firm is 100 percent owned by our executive team who are invested alongside our clients in Coaster’s funds.

We seek to build hedge funds that leverage our specific areas of expertise and track records. We are focused on investing in areas where there is the opportunity for enduring alpha generation, and on working with experts that have demonstrated their ability over different business and market cycles. 

Our strategies do not compete with one another.

While all our strategies are geographically or sector focussed, our investment teams collaborate when appropriate, participate in firmwide risk discussions, and share a common investment infrastructure platform. This approach allows each manager to focus on its opportunities while having the benefit of other market perspectives.

For each strategy, Coaster seeks to ensure that our funds do not outgrow the opportunity (e.g. liquidity and capacity).  As investors in our own funds, we ensure alignment of our investors’ interests with our own.  Our approach is to maximize investment returns so that we are rewarded through our performance as opposed to assets under management.

Our History

While founded in 2019, the Coaster staff are all finance industry veterans with long successful track records of investing in equities and managing hedge funds.

Prior to establishing Coaster Capital, Charlie Brown, Mark McGuire and Alnoor Premji worked together at KIS Capital Partners for over a decade. The team were responsible for managing the highly successful KIS Asia Long Short Fund, which delivered 11.76% p.a. (after fees) from inception in October 2009 to April 2019. 

Sam Brandenburg and Tim Snelgrove both come from portfolio management backgrounds. Sam worked for BB Capital, a resources focussed family office, and Tim Snelgrove from Rare Infrastructure, one of the largest and pioneering global listed infrastructure boutiques for over a decade.

Our Approach

We are pragmatic investors who specialise in long short investing.  We understand that the alpha available to a given strategy is finite, and have deliberately limited the maximum size of each our funds according to the liquidity of their traded markets.  We are active managers, unconstrained by indices or benchmarks.

Mark McGuire

Managing Director


Mark has worked in the financial markets since 1994 and Managing Director of Coaster Capital. Prior to Coaster Capital, Mark founded and worked at KIS Capital Partners, which successfully managed nearly $300 million in funds under management.


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Charlie Brown

Portfolio Manager and Executive Director


Prior to Coaster Capital, Charlie was an owner and Portfolio Manager at KIS Capital Partners, a private funds management business, which managed approximately $300 million in funds under management for Australian and overseas investors. 


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Sam Brandenburg

Chief Financial Officer


Sam has been involved with financial markets at BB Capital, a private family office, since 2005. At BB Capital, Sam was a Portfolio Manager and Resource Sector Analyst. Sam has extensive experience with financing both listed and unlisted resource companies.


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Tim Snelgrove

Portfolio Manager


Tim has been a financial markets professional for over 10 years.  Prior to Coaster, Tim was an analyst, trader and portfolio manager at Rare Infrastructure Limited, a dedicated global infrastructure and utilities fund manager in Sydney.


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Alnoor Premji

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director


Alnoor has over 25 years in senior finance roles with both local and international experience covering accounting, operations, risk, integration, M&A, profit turnaround and change management. 


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